Resilience and Healing

Exploring Trauma, Suffering, and Mental Health Care in the Modern World

5-Day Conference Event

June 26-30, 2023 at World Trade Center, New York, NY, USA

Event Schedule

Day 1


Trauma-Informed Care

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Dr. Elizabeth Thompson

A renowned psychiatrist and trauma expert. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she has dedicated her career to understanding the complexities of trauma and its impact on mental health. 

Talk Summary:

Dr. Elizabeth Thompson will provide a comprehensive overview of trauma, including its different forms and the psychological, emotional, and physical impact it can have on individuals. Attendees will gain insights into trauma-informed care and the importance of empathetic approaches to support healing and recovery.



Navigating Suffering and Building Inner Strength

Dr. Michael Ramirez

A clinical psychologist specializing in trauma and suffering. With expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy, he has helped individuals overcome the psychological impact of trauma and develop effective coping mechanisms.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Ramirez will explore the concept of resilience and its role in overcoming trauma and suffering. He will discuss practical strategies for building resilience and fostering emotional well-being, offering insights for both professionals and individuals seeking personal growth.


Trauma and Social Context

Understanding the Interplay for Effective Care

Dr. Sophia Anderson

A licensed clinical social worker and trauma counselor. She has extensive experience working with survivors of various forms of trauma, including interpersonal violence and natural disasters.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Anderson will examine the intersection of trauma and social context, emphasizing the impact of systemic factors on mental health outcomes. She will discuss the importance of cultural sensitivity, inclusivity, and addressing social disparities in trauma care.


Approaches to Trauma Therapy

Exploring Promising Modalities

Dr. Sarah Roberts

A clinical psychologist and trauma researcher. Her work focuses on the psychological effects of trauma and innovative approaches to treatment. Dr. Roberts is dedicated to advancing trauma care through research and community engagement.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Roberts will explore emerging modalities and innovative techniques in trauma therapy. She will discuss the potential benefits of interventions such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), somatic experiencing, and expressive arts therapy in promoting healing and recovery.

Day 2



Advances in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Long-Term Recovery

Dr. Jonathan Davis

A clinical psychologist specializing in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With expertise in evidence-based treatments, he has helped numerous individuals overcome the debilitating effects of trauma.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Davis will provide an overview of post-traumatic stress disorder, including its symptoms, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatments. He will discuss recent advances in PTSD research and highlight effective strategies for long-term recovery.


Trauma-Informed Care for Young Minds

Supporting Children and Adolescents on Their Healing Journey

Dr. Maria Lopez

a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in trauma-focused therapy for children and adolescents. With a background in child development, she has a deep understanding of the unique needs of young trauma survivors.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Lopez will discuss the impact of trauma on the developing brain and present trauma-informed approaches for working with children and adolescents. She will explore the importance of creating a safe therapeutic environment and provide practical strategies for supporting young trauma survivors.


Trauma and Addiction

Integrated Treatment Strategies for Dual Diagnosis

Dr. Benjamin Lee

A licensed psychiatrist with expertise in trauma and addiction. He has extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced trauma and developed co-occurring substance use disorders.

Talk Summary:

 Dr. Lee will examine the complex relationship between trauma and addiction, discussing the challenges and effective treatment strategies for individuals with dual diagnosis. He will emphasize the importance of an integrated approach that addresses both the underlying trauma and the addiction.


Healing Trauma in Marginalized Communities

Exploring Promising Modalities

Dr. Emma Thompson

A clinical psychologist and advocate for trauma survivors. With a background in community psychology, she has worked extensively with marginalized populations affected by trauma.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Thompson will explore the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities in accessing trauma care. She will discuss culturally sensitive approaches to trauma therapy, highlighting the importance of inclusivity, cultural competence, and community involvement.

Day 3


Self-Compassion in Trauma Recovery

Nurturing Resilience and Well-being

Dr. Rachel Johnson

A licensed clinical psychologist specializing in trauma recovery and self-compassion. With a background in mindfulness-based approaches, she integrates principles of self-compassion into trauma therapy.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Johnson will explore the role of self-compassion in trauma recovery, discussing how cultivating self-compassion can enhance resilience and promote overall well-being. She will share practical strategies and exercises to help individuals develop self-compassion as a vital component of their healing journey.


Understanding and Treating Complex Trauma and Dissociation

Dr. Robert Martinez

A renowned psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders. He has extensive experience working with survivors of severe trauma and is recognized for his expertise in trauma-related dissociation.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Martinez will provide an in-depth exploration of complex trauma and dissociation, discussing their underlying mechanisms and the unique challenges they present in therapy. He will present evidence-based treatment approaches and offer insights into fostering integration and healing.


Rebuilding Trust and Connection

Trauma-Informed Couples Therapy

Dr. Lisa Sullivan

A clinical psychologist and researcher focused on the intersection of trauma and relationships. She specializes in trauma-informed couples therapy and has developed innovative interventions for couples affected by trauma.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Sullivan will discuss the impact of trauma on relationships and present trauma-informed strategies for supporting couples in therapy. She will explore techniques to rebuild trust, improve communication, and foster healing within the context of intimate relationships.


Addressing Secondary Trauma

Self-Care Strategies for Helping Professionals

Dr. James Peterson

A licensed therapist and author specializing in the treatment of secondary trauma among helping professionals. With a background in counseling psychology, he focuses on promoting self-care and preventing burnout in trauma therapists.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Peterson will address the unique challenges faced by professionals working with trauma survivors, emphasizing the importance of self-care and preventing secondary trauma. He will provide practical strategies and tools for maintaining well-being and building resilience in the helping profession.

Day 4


Cultural Considerations in Trauma Therapy

Enhancing Competence and Effectiveness

Dr. Olivia Adams

A clinical psychologist with expertise in trauma and cultural diversity. She is dedicated to promoting cultural competence in trauma care and addressing the unique needs of diverse populations affected by trauma.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Adams will explore the importance of cultural competence in trauma therapy, highlighting the impact of cultural factors on trauma presentation, help-seeking behaviors, and treatment outcomes. She will provide practical guidance for developing cultural sensitivity and improving therapeutic effectiveness.


Building Trauma-Informed Systems

Transforming Organizations for Healing and Resilience

Dr. Mark Richards

A licensed clinical social worker specializing in trauma-informed organizational practices. He has extensive experience working with institutions to implement trauma-informed policies and create supportive environments for trauma survivors.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Richards will discuss the principles of trauma-informed care at the organizational level, focusing on strategies for transforming systems and creating trauma-informed environments. He will provide insights and practical tools for implementing trauma-informed practices in various settings.


Neurobiology of Trauma: Implications for Assessment and Treatment

Dr. Emily Thompson

A licensed clinical psychologist and researcher in the field of trauma and neuroscience. Her work centers on understanding the neurobiological impact of trauma and developing trauma-informed interventions based on scientific evidence.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Thompson will delve into the neurobiological effects of trauma, exploring how trauma impacts the brain and nervous system. She will discuss the implications of neurobiology for trauma assessment, treatment planning, and interventions aimed at promoting healing.


Pharmacotherapy in Trauma Treatment

Evidence, Benefits, and Considerations

Dr. Daniel Cooper

A psychiatrist specializing in trauma-related disorders, with a particular interest in the use of pharmacotherapy in trauma treatment. He has conducted research on the efficacy of medication interventions for trauma survivors.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Cooper will provide an overview of pharmacotherapy options for trauma-related disorders, discussing the evidence base, benefits, and considerations. He will address the role of medication as an adjunct to therapy and present guidelines for effective use in trauma treatment.

Day 5


Embodied Healing

The Intersection of Yoga and Trauma Therapy

Dr. Laura Mitchell

A licensed clinical psychologist and trauma-informed yoga instructor. She integrates mindfulness, yoga, and somatic practices into trauma therapy to support holistic healing. Dr. Mitchell is passionate about empowering individuals to reconnect with their bodies and cultivate inner resilience.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Mitchell will explore the role of embodiment in trauma healing, discussing how practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing can support individuals in reconnecting with their bodies and promoting healing. She will provide practical exercises and techniques for incorporating embodiment into trauma therapy.


Rewriting the Narrative

Transforming Trauma through Storytelling

Dr. Jonathan Anderson

A clinical psychologist specializing in trauma recovery and narrative therapy. He believes in the power of storytelling as a tool for healing and empowering trauma survivors. Dr. Anderson has conducted research on the use of narrative approaches in trauma therapy.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Anderson will explore the transformative potential of storytelling in trauma recovery. He will discuss the principles and techniques of narrative therapy, highlighting the role of personal narratives in reframing and integrating traumatic experiences.


Post-Traumatic Growth

Embracing Resilience and Finding Meaning

Dr. Sophia Roberts

A licensed therapist and trauma coach. She specializes in helping individuals navigate post-traumatic growth and find meaning and purpose in their lives after trauma. Dr. Roberts is dedicated to empowering survivors to reclaim their lives and thrive.

Talk Summary:

Dr. Roberts will discuss the concept of post-traumatic growth, focusing on the opportunities for personal growth and positive transformation that can arise after trauma. She will explore strategies for embracing resilience, cultivating self-discovery, and finding meaning and purpose in life.


Sleep and Trauma

Strategies for Restorative Rest and Recovery

Dr. Michael Sullivan

A licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in trauma-related sleep disorders. He has extensive experience working with individuals who experience sleep disturbances as a result of trauma. Dr. Sullivan is passionate about promoting healthy sleep and its impact on overall well-being.

Talk Summary:

 Dr. Sullivan will discuss the bidirectional relationship between trauma and sleep, focusing on the impact of trauma on sleep quality and the importance of restorative rest in trauma recovery. He will provide evidence-based strategies for improving sleep hygiene and addressing trauma-related sleep disturbances.

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